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Sedona Earrings / Copper Finish / Paper

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Image of Sedona Earrings / Copper Finish / Paper

Hand-built, distressed and hand painted, paper earrings. These Sedona earrings have a copper patina finish.

Please note that because they are handcrafted and hand painted, each pair cannot be duplicated exactly. The color and distressing will vary somewhat, giving you a unique pair of wearable art.

- Approximately 2.75" long; 0.875" wide
- Hand-built from various papers using non-toxic products
- Hand painted with non-toxic paints
- Finished by hand with non-toxic varnish
- Stainless steel ear wires (304 grade*)
- Ships to USA only at this tim

Why paper?
As an artist and graphic designer, I've had a love affair with paper my entire life. I love working with it, love the way it feels, the textures, the kiss of paint on paper and how it varies with different kinds of papers.

I also wanted to create wearable art objects that were kind to the earth and to those who wear them. Paper is a renewable and recyclable resource. Whenever possible, I use recycled metals. I use non-toxic glues, paints and varnishes to protect my customers when you wear my jewelry and to have a safe, conscious studio environment.

*What is 304 Stainless Steel?
304 is the most popular grade of stainless steel. Very popular as ear wires, jump rings and other components, it is commonly used in the food industry for sinks, coffee urns, beer brewing etc). It does contain 8-10% nickel. I am working on changing out the ear wires to Niobium, which is totally hypoallergenic, and will update when I do.

How to take care of your paper-crafted art objects jewelry:
I finish these pieces to be water resistant, but they are not waterproof. Please remove before bathing, showering or swimming. Do not wear in a sauna or steam room. Treat as you would a painting. Don't leave on a hot surface, or in direct sunlight for hours. The paints I use are lightfast but will fade as any art would, if left in the sun for long periods of time. With care, your purchase will last for years to come. I have customers wearing pieces I created 20 years ago!